What I did lately

Hello people ! Hope you’re all doing well! Finally, I decided to write a mix match of everything i did lately. As you may have noticed, i was not very consistant in my blog writing this week. I started a blog and , two weeks later, just have written two articles. Well, that could happen. I knew blogging would take some time , i did not know i had to find the time to write the articles and well, real life juste came by too.


Let ‘s explain what I have been up lately.

Saturday I will be moving in Paris! Yes i am actually becoming a real Parisian. I am excited, I am happy, but moving equals a lot of planning and prepping and  doing crappy stuff. So there has been that.

demenagement can you see how messy it is at my home right now?

This week-end I made a fabulous trip to the south of France. I joined my stepsister at gare de lyon and we took the train down to toulon for a weekend at the beach. So i have eaten (a lot). I have sunbathed (more than enough) and i have played with those two most amazing furballs . Watch out for the magnificent views from my stepparents house and the surrounding beaches!!

WP_000368   CIMG8352WP_000366

On sunday we went to the market. The summerhouse of my stepparents is located in a small village near St-tropez, the market there is a mix of farmers selling their vegetables and there are also some clothes to buy. I  found a nice little scarf and this fabulous shopping basket ! After all the craziness of the week-end  we came back to Paris and its suburbs  late in the evening. So I did not really found the time to blog ( I know, excuses again :)).


Last week, I also went to the castle of Versailles with my brother and my mum who came to visit me , hopefully my brother will share the pictures soon with me and i’ll make you a recap about versailles, it’s castle and some restaurants worth a visit in this nice city.

Also,  with the new schoolyear starting, sportclubs are starting again too. I decided to take figure skating lessons  , because I  once used to love this sport and i found it a nice complementary crosstraining to running.



Well anyway , thats all what i have been up to until now. With classes starting soon, i hope i will get the chance to blog more. I know, it’s weird cause i will have less time. But i am a scheduler, so if i schedule some moments were i can write i will, and my days will ressemble so it will be easier for me to tell you all about it. Next week i will also live in a brand new apartment but things will slowly take place. I will have a new kitchen to cook in ( yeah! new recipes). And i will finally have my own space to write and learn. I am very excited to turn this new chapter of my life. Enough said and enough excuses made , lets move on!!

Question of the day : Do you like figure skating ?


Ratatouille casserole

Hey all! Today I am back with my first ever recipe on the blog. As I told you before, I have one big passion in life wich  is cooking delicious meals (or at least I believe they are yummy). The first recipe I will be sharing with you will have a french flair and a summery hint. It is all about summer vegetables. Let’s get ready to make a ratatouille casserole!

This recipe is a perfect side dish, or can even be a complete meal for vegetarians. The cheese provides a good source of proteins. I am a zucchini lover all the way and I often eat them after being grilled in a skillet. But this recipe is different as you cook the vegetables directly in the oven, it allows you to do other things while the casserole cooks.  The secret ingredient for the dish is curry spice. I discovered some years ago that zucchini combined perfectly with the savor of zucchini. So in this dish i add a teaspoon of curry and it melts and combines great, just try it!

 ratatatouille gratinée


Prep time :20 min    cooking time : 1hour

For one 20 cm dish or a 4 people  side dish you will need

  • 3 medium sized zucchinis
  • 1 or 2 bell peppers ( red or yellow for nice colors)
  • 1 onion  (or 2 if the onions are small)
  • chopped garlic
  • one tea-spoon curry
  • spices to taste 
  • shredded cheese of choice ( provolone , mozzarella, french gruyere works perfectly)

1. Chop all vegetables in small pieces. The smaller the pieces ,the less time it will take to cook the dish

2. Put all chopped vegetables ( bell peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic) in a casserole. Drizzle with olive oil , season with salt and pepper. Put in oven for 30minutes at 200° Celsius.

3. After half-hour of cooking take the casserole out and add the secret ingredient : curry!! I assure you the curry will melt and add a lot of flavour to your dish. Don’t put to much of it though you don’t want to make a vegetarian curry dish^^. You can mix the vegetables a bit to aloud them too cook perfectly everywhere.  Add the shredded cheese and put the casserole in the oven for another 20 minutes.

4. The last 10 minutes put your oven on “grill” mode if you want the cheese crust to be crunchy , otherwise let the casserole be

5. Take the dish out and enjoy!!! Great with all kind of meats 🙂


ratatouille crue ratatouille entamée  

ratatouille ingrédientsratatouille gratinée 2

I hope you all had a great week-end. Mine was spent chillin in Paris, seeing some friends and enjoying some nice french cuisine in restaurants. But, i am not the perfect blogger yet, I totally forgot to snap some pictures of my food, shame on me!  I did enjoy a very good raspberry millefeuille! Do you know the millefeuille ? A wonderful patisserie with puff pastry and delicious ,light and raspberry flavoured custard. It looked  just like the beautiful photo here, it was so great! I really hope one day i’ll be able to make such great cuisine! And such nice photopics also , i know i have a lot to improve on my food pictures! Don’t hesitate to give me some advice if you want to see more nice looking food in the future 🙂



Other than good food i also started my training plan this weekend. I really looked like a grandma running with bright pink shoes , i was so slooow. I did not run for another month and really my legs are so sore after a very small 3mile run. I will get better if i run more i suppose!

In three weeks from now i will start my fourth year of med school. This means i will start rotations and be in charge of my first patients. Don’t worry , i won’t heal no one today but i will be in charge of collecting the medical history of incoming patients and discussing all this with my senior attendings. So excited for all this to start, allthough this will mean a lot of work /homework for me ! I surely will blog about my life at the hospital , lots of interesting things to see and share with you :).

What did you did this holiday week-end ? And what is you favorite patisserie or dessert ?

Getting ready for a 10K

Today, I woke up with the strong feeling of wanting to achieve something. I have been running for some time now, but i have never participated in a race. Well today is the day i signed up for my first 10K!!


Yes i am going to run my first 10K on october 13th in Rennes , France! How exciting is that?



My running shoes are already excited i can feel :). But i am not ready at all.. the last time i ran was on july the 10th or something like this . So how am I gonna achieve to be ready in 6 small weeks? You tell me! But here are some ideas about how i ‘m going to tackle this race.

1. Try to follow a plan

I heard a lot of  good things about Hal highdon’s plans so I think I will try it for this time.

You can download the plans here

I already run 3 miles without any problem so I’ll probably start on from week 3 ( as hal highdon’s plan includes normally 8 weeks of training). Hopefully i’ll have enough courage to stick to the plan and to avoid cheating :).

2. Define a running objective

I run 3miles in 27minutes. So my objective is to run my 10 K under one hour. I hope i’ll be able to stick to it. I count on you guys to remind me of my objective.

3. Track progress

Nothing is more satisfying than feeling the progress in your legs. I remember the first time i ran two days in a row without my legs feeling sore, this was a great feeling. So to stay put with my objectives, i’ll track my time and most importantly feel the progress. For the moment i don’t have a GPS device that allows me to track my splits. So i only can feel it when my runs become easier, when i’m in  a mood for running more and so on. Tracking my progress will hopefully encourage me to run faster.

4. Have a running buddy

I am not the fastest runner, no, not at all  . So to improve my runnings I run with my boyfriend who is a kind of “i like to run too fast type”. This, I find encourages me to go beyond myself and run a little faster each time. Also, having a running buddy is very convenient to chitchat and makes it fun to run.

5. Get a doctor’s certificate

Without this, I am not aloud to run the race. So, let’s get myself checked up for running :).

 Photofunia Keep Calm#YNNjI7MNw0CTK1ydHm01Cg

There are certainly other key points to succeed in a first race.

If you are a runner, how did you prepare for your first race? Did you have a training plan ? Did you follow it?

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About & first article

Hello to all!


Fellow blogreaders, friends and visitors!


This is my first ever blog article and hopefully not the last.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Marie and I am a twentysomething girl living in Paris, France. I try to become a doctor and am now proudly entering my fourth year of medschool and starting rotations ( medschool is quitly different in France). I recenlty moved back to Paris, and will move in together with my boyfriend in September.

On a daily basis i love to cook, run, have fun and hang out with my friends. I wanted to start a blog since a long time ago, but never really felt the motivation. Now that it itches me to write and join the blogging world here I am.


The reasons I started a blog:

  • I am a cooking addict and i love to create my own recipes, i really want to share recipes with the rest of the world
  • I started running fairly recently and I would love to join a race. Reading all those articles about running successes made me want to try to compete to, and i am sure writing about it will encourage me to get better
  • I love to travel! Sharing pictures and tips for travelling  is something i’d like to do. Moreover, writing articles about my different travels will make me remind me of the good times I had all around the world.
  • Have fun!!

And now is what you will and will not find on my blog!

What you will find:

  • Recipes
  • Restaurant reviews (mostly France)
  • Articles about my running story, my day to day life
  • Articles about my medical journey: this is something i really want to share but i am not sure whether i will or not
  • Articles about my attempt to being healthy ( and sometimes succeeding and sometimes not )

What is for sure is that I look forward sharing part of my life with you. Stay tuned for another article tomorrow !